What the hell is wrong with the world, anyway?

Bigfoot. Fact or Fiction?

Some of you made have heard of the latest Bigfoot evidence that surfaced on May 24th, 2011.  While filming her friends on a hiking trip in Spokane, WA, a girl inadvertently captured Bigfoot trudging through the woods with her iPhone!  So there we have it!  Finally, video evidence of the mythological creature that has been eluding both novice and expert Bigfoot hunters for decades, right?  Ummm, not so fast there skippy!  As with all irrefutable video evidence, a flurry of experts came out of the woodwork to cry HOAX!  As the debate continues, I’m not sure if I am sold either.  Here is the video…

The video looks good, but almost too good!  That is part of the problem with it’s authenticity.  However, some of the critics really make me laugh.  “No, that’s not Bigfoot…the gate is all wrong!  His head is too big.  Legs are too short.”  Have you ever seen a Bigfoot?  How the hell do you now what it is supposed to look like?  And then they all want to check the credibility of the witness.  Like redneck #1 is more creditable than redneck #2.  However, I digress…it’s really no wonder that there is so much doubt and disbelief abound when these videos surface, the amount of proven and/or admitted hoaxes far out weighs the number of unexplainable footage.  For some reason, people seem to think they can pull one over on the world with fake evidence!  They just don’t realize that their technology is probably not as good as the expert’s technology is!

As I said, I am on the fence with this video.  While researching the video, some references were made to another video claiming that is was hoaxed, but I did not find the video mentioned.  You can be the judge!  This article is focusing on the phenomena of hoaxers and hoaxing.  What makes people try to pull

Alien Body Hoax

Alien Body Hoax

hoaxes?  I think it is the attention and the promise of 15 seconds of fame.  Maybe they want to test their skills against the established experts with the slim chance of pulling off a good one!  They might even be a little crazy!  It’s probably a combination of all of these things that make hoaxers do what they do!  Some hoaxes are good and some are so bad that they make you laugh!  Two recent examples…the 3 foot alien body found in Siberia and the Bigfoot body found and put on ice in a big cooler.  Both were pretty  obvious fakes but they both managed to attract a lot of media attention.  My theory stands…the hoaxers got the attention that they were looking for!  Although, there is a price to pay for your moment of fame.  Everyone that remembers your hoax will remember you as a crazy attention whore that was out looking for fame.  Why would someone put their social life on the rocks for this kind of attention?  That is the part that blows my mind.  Not to mention that some hoaxes may be criminal acts and punishable by law.

I’ve read stories about the Kecksburg, PA UFO siting that happened many years ago.  There were a number of witnesses and most of them still stick to their stories to this day even though many have been labeled as non stable nut cases.  In this case, I think something did indeed happen.  It may have not been an alien crash site, but something happened in Kecksburg and the government covered it up.  Same thing in Roswell, NV.  Many people witnessed an event and have been labeled as wacko’s for their public accounts.  I do believe something happened in Roswell.  Not sure what, but something happened.  Just the fact that the government denies the existence of Area 51 is enough reason to discredit most of what they have to say about these incidents!


Would the real Bigfoot please stand up?

Personally, I do believe that there are Bigfoot’s out there.  I also believe that there are UFO’s, ghosts and probably even a Loch Ness Monster.  The world is a big place and there is still a lot of areas that we haven’t explored.  The possibility that there are “things” out there that we haven’t captured or killed is very large.  One day, we may have the evidence that we need to believe but only if the experts don’t want to not believe so much that they over look the truth.  Real encounters may already be getting filed in the hoax folder because so many people are crying wolf.  One day, when real evidence is at hand, we all may be so desensitized that we will dismiss it as another hoax.

All in all, hoaxes can be enlightening and entertaining but they really are a big nuisance.  I can’t even imagine the amount of money and resources that have been invested in researching and disproving all the hoaxes over the years.  Not just Bigfoot, but all the mysteries of the world.  The truth is out there and when we are ready to know it will all become visible.  But until then, if you are thinking about pulling a hoax in order to become popular or famous…think again.  Maybe you should focus your skills on something more constructive in order to acheive fame and wealth…check out this video and some of the related videos and enjoy.  For the real researchers out there, keep those cameras rolling LIKE A MOFO!

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